8 Reasons to Love TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show



It’s no secret or surprise: FrightProps loves TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show. And we’re certainly not the only ones. For us, the show based out of St. Louis, MO gives us an opportunity to get out of the shop and into the world, feeling comfortable and confident. We are able to leave the haunted house prop shop of our dreams and enter reality without feeling slightly like outcasts. If you’re reading this, then you probably know the feeling and are counting down the days yourself.

In addition to the obvious things we love about the event, like selling Halloween products and going on a “work vacation”, we decided to put together a little blog post to explain to everyone just why we look forward to making the trek down from Minneapolis every single year.



Whether it’s the spectacular giant clown, “Honkers”, that Gore Galore showed off at TransWorld in 2013 or one of Pale Night Production’s innovative portraits, we’re ecstatic each and every year to see what new things our friends are making. But hey – we’re no slouches ourselves. FrightProps will be debuting a ton of new products this year. So far we’ve already revealed our Skinned Lab Chimp, the Ape Escape!, a new and improved Live Wire, and our Hot Wire Foam Factory tools – and that’s just the start of what we’ve been working on for Halloween!



The City Museum, St. Louis

Located in the heart of St. Louis is what we refer to as “The 8th Wonder of the World” – the City Museum. In the past, I always heard people talking about St. Louis and the City Museum and my thought was the same each time, “what’s so amazing about this museum, and when did this guy start caring about art history?”


The City Museum is actually one of the most fascinating and strange playgrounds suited for both adults and children. Think of a giant, climbable treehouse built for aliens from another planet. Comprised mostly of acquired architectual objects, the City Museum features funky leftover signs, manmade tunnels and caves, and even a gigantic ball-pit. It’s a must-see if you ever find yourself within a three hour driving distance.




We love our customers. We really do. We all have our dream jobs working here at FrightProps and without the people that we have in our corner, there would be no way we’d be able to happily answer that question of, “what do you do for work?” Being able to put a name with a face is an incredible honor for us and something that most businesses are never able to do.


The-Price-Is-Fright-LogoInsane ShaneCityMuseumParty

Each and every member of the FrightProps team considers themselves to be a party commando. And as everyone’s pal, Andrew WK, says – partying isn’t all about slamming beers and smashing the cans on your forehead. Partying is about hanging out until the late hours and dragging yourself to the shower with one goal in mind: the ability to party again.

You’ll find the freaks of FrightProps at parties like The Price is Fright, Insane Shane Party, and Darklight’s City Museum Party.




People think we’re crazy for worshiping Halloween each and every day, but we think they’re crazy for being boring. The Darkness Haunted House opens up every year for TransWorld to give us all our fix of jumps, bumps, and scares. Who needs to wait for the season to get excited about zombies, ghosts, and werewolf attacks?



Mummy from Midnight Studios FX

Mummy from Midnight Studios FX

We happen to consider ourselves the best in the business at what we do – making props, providing prop-making supplies, and providing an array of Halloween audio and visual products. However, we do so many things that we humbly yield to the notion that there are new businesses popping up all the time that are innovating the industry. One of the coolest parts about TransWorld is seeing the latest and greatest creation to turn the haunted house community upside-down with creativity.



The Renaissance Grand Hotel Bar is our home away from home watering hole. While around Minneapolis, we like to head down to the Zombie Bar nearby to blow off steam and recap the day, in St. Louis, you can find us unwinding at the hotel bar. Not to say we don’t venture out from time to time, but home base is always with the competent cocktail servers and bartenders that somehow put up with a thousand freaks ordering food and drinks all at once.




Hey, we’re intensely proud of our little guy. He’s sleek, handsome, and shows off the awesome power of our motors and pneumatics when paired up with haunted house props! Where ever you find our hero, FrightBot, you will find his faithful and loyal servants – the crew of FrightProps. Come see all of us at booth #323 and if you can’t make it this year, we’ll see you next year!


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