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Winners of our #HardcoreHaunter Contest!

1st prize - Gary Berger

Ghouls of all shapes and sizes, FrightProps is proud to present to you the winner of our #HardcoreHaunter contest and a $100 gift card – Gary Berger of HauntNation Magazine!

The winners were selected by the entire FrightProps team from a pool of finalists! It certainly wasn’t easy given the amount of incredibly cool submissions we received. Some members of the team begged to abstain from voting entirely while others, such as our fabricator Grant, couldn’t stop changing their votes! (more…)

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Mobile Packs for Haunting!


Us wacky weirdos at FrightProps certainly didn’t invent the haunted house. We didn’t invent fake blood and we didn’t event pneumatics. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is taking these fairly standard things and adapting them for the purposes of helping everyone creep out millions of people a year!

One of the more simple things we’ve put together is our Mobile Pack system. Whenever we go out to conventions, we usually bring a few of these with us and when people see them, they have about a million questions. So we figured we’d do a little write-up on our Mobile Packs to give you a better understanding of what these things are and how they actually work. (more…)

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New Personalized Tombstone Props!


FrightProps has something as spooky as it is exciting to unveil: new personalized tombstones! We’ve joined forces with the best dang sculptors in the business, Tombstone Factory, to bring you fully customizable and durable foam tombstones. Just head to the personalized tombstone or cemetery sign pages, select your style, finish, and whether or not you want your tombstone with a base and place your order! There’s also the option to order multiple pre-made tombstones and signs at once with the ten tombstone package or upgrade to the complete package and get a customized sign as well. There’s a ton of different styles and options – check them all out on our TOMBSTONES & GRAVEYARD section of our site! (more…)

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