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FrightProps: Scaring Criminals

While we all work hard every single day to plan out ways to horrify our audiences, there are times that we forget that what we do is a little strange. To the average person, playing around with fake blood and trying to create realistic corpses on a budget isn’t exactly a common hobby out there. It’s funny to sit and think about how many times we’ve really frightened someone just by doing what we normally do – having a great time and loving Halloween.

Perhaps you remember a post we did a while ago about how two FrightProps employees scared an entire freight train by carrying around some gross props. While that’s a story we all love to re-telling over and over again, our pal Will Acree out in Louisville, KY recently shared our new favorite tale.



Here’s the message that Will sent us:

“I tested some of your blood formula on a platform next to my work station in the garage (just wanted to get a feel for how it would flow) and placed the sliced piglet on it (really great looking!). Apparently, someone was trying to break in the garage the other night. I had police at my door about an hour or so later…they found my “theft deterrent system” to be both effective and hilarious. Apparently, the guy who was trying to break in called the police due to the “fresh blood everywhere.”

We lost our minds laughing when we all read that! And of course, because we had to see it for ourselves, here’s a picture of Will’s “Theft Deterrent System”:

sliced piglet

Seriously – this is the kind of comedy we only dream of! But hey, maybe this could be a new business for FrightProps! We’ll put together some packages of fake blood and sliced piglets and get some sort of late night infomercial going!

Thanks to Will for sharing his cool story! And if you happen to have something freaky and funny to tell us about, hit us up on our Facebook!


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Shock Mats for Haunted Houses

Shock Mat Sale

We’ve got brand new and improved SHOCK MATS in stock! At the same affordable price, these mats now come with a power supply and retain the option to use them with a 9V battery!

That’s great for two reasons – first, we’re able to offer a better product. Second, it means we’re dropping the prices on the old model (which ONLY offers use with a 9V battery) to give a great deal on anyone who knows they’ll just need the remote capabilities of the Shock Mats!

Shock Mat

“So, what’s a SHOCK MAT?

Every trade-show, we get this question about thirty times each day. And of course, we never get tired of explaining it to Halloween enthusiasts and haunt owners alike. Why? Because, we get to watch people shock themselves! (more…)

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How to Make a One-Piece Plaster Mold

Making a Plaster Mold

Making a plaster mold is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create a mold for reproducing your own latex props and masks. By just following a few simple steps you can create an inexpensive plaster mold of almost anything!

In this tutorial we’re going to be making a one-piece mold of a flat-backed prop. This technique works great for props that will be sitting the ground or hanging on a wall. It also works well for half-masks. If you are making a prop that needs to be seen in 360º detail, or a full over-the-head latex mask, you will probably need to make a two-piece mold, which we’ll cover in a different tutorial.


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Sale on Cylinder Hook Up Kits!


We’re hitting it hard here over at the FrightProps laboratories. Wrapping mummies, pouring blood on zombies, yelling at computers while making web graphics – you know how it goes. We can only assume that you’re waist-deep in a pile of bones and fake intestines right about now. So to help ease the pain of getting started on your craziest creations, we’re giving you a darn good sale – 20% off all Cylinder Hook-Up Kits, both double-acting and single-acting. The fittings, solenoid, tubing – all that good stuff. Just add as many as you want to your cart and use code HOOKMEUP for 20% off.

Wanna know more about Hook-Up Kits? We’ll teach you all about them in the video below.

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#HardcoreHaunter Contest!


Take a funny/creepy picture featuring the FrightProps catalog and post it to social media using hashtag #hardcorehaunter.  At the end of the month, we’ll pick our favorite entry and award the winner a $100 FrightProps Gift Card!  Bonus points will be awarded for especially cool or creative pictures.  The only condition is that your picture must feature the FrightProps 2015 catalog, the rest is up to you!  Show us your Halloween workshop, your favorite prop, the secret place you sneak off to to read your catalog in peace, or who in your family loves the FrightProps catalog the most!

Don’t have a catalog?  Get yours here for free!

Eligible social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.  Posting your entry in a Facebook group makes us especially happy!

hardcorehaunting_1 hardcorehaunting_2 hardcorehaunting_3 hardcorehaunting_5


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