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Bloodthirsty Thursdays at FrightProps!

We’re proud to unveil one of our most fiendish plots to conquer the world with Halloween horrors: BLOODTHIRSTY THURSDAYS! We’ll feature a new prize every Thursday – sometimes we’ll have a huge coffin full of haunted house accessories while other weeks, we’ll give away something awesome like a shock mat, masks or nano spots!

To learn more, drop by our social media pages every Thursday and follow the instructions to enter! Entries will be accepted until Friday at 4pm Central Standard Time! Don’t forget to increase your chance of winning – each social media channel offers you another entry into our drawing!

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To celebrate our first week of giveaways, we’ve got a totally insane prize pack of the following goodies! (Sorry, coffin is not included!)

FrightProps Catalog, Patch, Screwdriver, FrightProps T-Shirt, Monster Skull Mask, Scent Distribution System, Scent Cup: Gasoline, Motor, 12v 5amp Power Supply, Female Power Adapter, 12 Volt Hook Up Kit, Monster Eyes w/ Battery Pack: Red, Flash Cracker, Shock Mat and a Sliced Pig Prop!

Keep your eyes on our blog and our social media channels for a chance to win some creepy prizes every Bloodthirsty Thursday!

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Haunt Comics by FrightProps!

Recently, we were chatting about some of the things we love about the haunt and horror communities. Of course, after we were done talking about decapitation scenes in movies and severed head props in general, we started nerding out about some of the things we see our friends do – like posting hilarious Halloween memes. Then all of a sudden, we realized that one of our best buds (and newest employee) is actually a comic book illustrator!

By the skilled hand of Tim Sievert comes Fright Comics! Behold!frightprops_comic_skeletons


As long as you keep liking and sharing ’em across the web, we’ll keep making ’em! Got an funny idea you want to see illustrated? Hit us up on our Facebook page and tell us about it!

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Tragedy Strikes the Haunt Community

4230216_1429329455.5648As we all know, the dedicated people who make up the actors, builders, and organizers of haunted houses are all part of a community. Although our geographic distances may be far away from each other, we all have a deep commitment to this rather bizarre world of unsettling scares and creative creeps that we pour our hearts into.

So when we hear about something as tragic as an entire haunt being wiped out, it affects us all. (more…)

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FrightLite: A Revolution in Scare Technology!


FrightProps is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor of one of the finest new products we’ve seen in a while – the FrightLite!

Available in seven different colors, the two AA battery-powered FrightLite allows your haunt actor to suddenly appear and disappear with the push of a handheld button. It’s the perfect scare tool for actors in outdoor scenarios or in long, ominous hallways, but also works extremely well in close quarters where guests would never expect a face to suddenly appear!

Lightweight and portable, the FrightLite is also easily adjusted using a simple allen wrench which comes included. For prices and more samples of different colors, head to the FrightProps product page!

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