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8 Ways Haunters Survive The Holidays


You might find it hard to believe, but there are people out there who loathe Halloween and wish they could banish it from our calendars.

Back in the south, I had co-workers that would refuse to go outside, citing October 31st as being the day that the devil was most active. And sure enough, ever year, you always run into someone out in your daily errands that wants to talk your ear off about how awful it is that people celebrate ghosts and witchcraft. To people like us, Halloween haters are people we just can’t understand – they’re worse than those families that give out toothbrushes or raisins to trick or treaters. They’re scarier than Frankenstein’s Monster and The Babadook combined! (more…)

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The Holiday Haunted Houses of 2014



My fellow freaks, it’s that fateful time again! In the last few years we’ve seen an incredibly creative trend in the Halloween world — holiday haunts! While we know there are people that keep the Halloween festivities going with skull and bone wreaths and light-up pumpkins year round, the majority of haunted houses shut down and prepare for next Halloween. However, there are a few that manage to resist climbing back into their open graves and instead corpsify their skeletons with fake blood, throw on a Santa hat, and decide to keep on haunting in the free world.

So just like we did last year, we decided to put together a list of places doing haunted houses or other scary attractions for the holiday season! In no particular order, here are the ones we found!



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FrightProps Special Appearances In Halloween 2014


We saw our Halloween props, accessories and decorations featured in more places than ever this past Halloween! For a close-knit and independent company like ours, we were extremely honored and frankly blown away to see such a huge interest from the public in the unique work we do. It’s also exciting because it further proves to us something we desperately want to believe in our decaying hearts – that Halloween is getting bigger and being celebrated by more haunters than ever!


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