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Holiday Sale from FrightProps!



For some strange reason, there are these other days on our calendars that aren’t Halloween! While we here at the shop try to figure out ways to make edible, animatronic turkeys to scare Grandma, we’re letting in some of the holiday cheer in with a sale!

From now until January 1st, take 20% off ALL OF OUR HOLIDAY ITEMS! Just click this link and add the product to your cart to see the discount applied!

And while we all get a moment to mastermind our next terrifying creations, let’s not forget that Halloween 2015 is lurking around the corner, preparin’ for some scarin’!

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Our Favorite Halloween Prop Creations of 2014


We’ve got this weird bond with our customers in the haunted house industry that’s pretty cool – when they do well, we do well. Because we realize how important it is to provide support and how-to information to the people that keep us inspired (and employed!), we’ve gained a solid reputation among Halloween fans everywhere for always being willing to help out. In addition to our direct Email support to customers around the world, we also have an entire section with DIY diagrams for Halloween props and animatronics.

Why do we spend so much time creating and revising our diagrams? Why do we make such an effort answering questions, you ask? Well, quite simply, it’s because we realize that every single one of our customers is an artist of sorts. Only instead of watercolors or pastel crayons, you use fake blood and slime. Instead of a canvas, you use skeleton props, carving foam and zombie masks. And even though we’re not the ones who got our hands dirty (except on our own props, of course), we’re the Halloween freaks who get to check out some of the coolest and most inventive props every year when our friends send us their new scary props.

Being that we’re so proud of our people out there haunting hard every day, constantly thinking of new ways to terrify us all, we’d like to share our favorite Halloween props from 2014. And if you have a prop of your own that you created using some of our stuff, leave us a comment, send us an Email, or send us a message on our Facebook!


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Scott and Kathleen Tie The Knot!

scott and kathleen2

Speaking for myself, it was probably one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to – and not because I was officiating it! From the gory cupcakes to the taco bar, the food was fantastic. And the entertainment, provided by a genuine mariachi trio and a friend of ours working the DJ station, certainly made for the perfect unconventional wedding that was just normal enough to make all the non-haunters happy. Of course, the generous open bar certainly helped as well. (more…)

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Halloween 2014: A FrightProps Wrap-Up

Well haunters, we waited all year for the time where freaks like us get to rise up, cover ourselves in fake blood, and scare the dickens out of men, women, and children alike. And just like that, it’s over far too soon!

sad pumpkin

Not to worry though, because people like us eat, sleep, and breathe Halloween 365 days a year. Sure, maybe you get a little bummed and turn into a zoned out candy-munching zombie for a few days. That’s reasonable.  But after a week of watching your jack-o-lanterns rot on the porch, you’re up late at night, hidden under the covers with a flashlight, reading your FrightProps catalog. (more…)

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