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FrightProps Presents: Brutal Rust!

Rust Dust

Only 62 days left until Halloween, people! Do you know how thrilling that is? Sure you do — because if you’re reading this Halloween blog, then you’re just as obsessed with this holiday and way of life as we are! After all, Halloween is our business…and business is good!


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Creating Amazing Interactive Halloween Video Props



FrightProps has everything you need to create incredible interactive video effects for your haunted house or Halloween display!  Working with audio/visual tech is not always the most straightforward endeavor, however.  We’ve put together a little tutorial to guide you through the process of creating a seamless triggered video effect using our Premium HD Video Player.


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FrightProps & Screamline Studios! Partners in Mayhem!


We here at FrightProps have been in this big ol’ Halloween business for over ten years now! That’s intense, man. How have we done it, you may ask? Well, aside from constantly perfecting our Halloween props and working tirelessly to give people the best deals on haunted house supplies, we have some fantastic friends in this crazy industry. (more…)

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Scary Peeper

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