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Spotlight: When Hinges Creak, Haunted House Hardware!

When people ask me what I do, the response is always the same – “wow, I guess I never thought about the fact that these haunted houses have to buy their stuff from somewhere.” What we do here at FrightProps is certainly a niche market. Selling haunted house supplies from vampire teeth to motion platforms definitely isn’t a common line of work.


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FrightProps Buys A Halloween Hearse



We’ve got a few new things at FrightProps. Our haunted house prop fabricators, Max and Grant, acquired a new kitten which they have named “Hashtag” – although they insist its name is just “#”. Our famous shop dog, Kensey, received a custom made giant piece of toast to wear. Meanwhile, our Creative Director, Scott, did what he always does and ordered something super gross in a jar off the internet. I also saw some small plaques in his office, leading me to believe he may be making more morbid taxidermy soon.


However, the most exciting of all is the brand new addition to the FrightProps fleet of vehicles – bringing the grand total to a whopping TWO! Yes, that’s right – the rumors are true: FrightProps has purchased a hearse to accompany our pick-up truck. (more…)

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FrightProps Is Your Halloween and Haunted House One-Stop Shop!

evil clown

Maybe you knew this already, but we work with a lot of people in a lot of different industries. It’s kind of the way our company was built – one day some dude named Doug, a haunt-builder himself, rubbed his temples in confusion and said, “why isn’t there one place where I can buy all the stuff I need for Halloween and haunted house supplies?” (more…)

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HACKED: A Haunt Nation Magazine Contest Sponsored by FrightProps!


Attention prop builders of all skill levels! Haunt Nation Magazine has issued a challenge! Putting the smarts of haunters everywhere to the test, HACKED runs from May 23rd to June 27th – so if you haven’t started, get on it!


The rules aren’t complicated – all you’ve got to do is build a prop using eight out of the ten listed items! (more…)

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Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus: A FrightProps Wrap-Up


We had a totally insane, crazy, phenomenal, outstanding time at Midwest Haunters Convention! We got to hang out with a lot of our favorite customers and show off what we feel are the greatest haunted house props in the entire world. We also got to stuff our faces with burgers and beer. Let’s do a little recap, shall we?



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FrightProps Halloween Props Are Everywhere

It’s a fact: we have some of the greatest customers on earth. From home haunters to giant amusement parks, we’re lucky enough to run a business that carries haunted house supplies for scare-hounds all across the board. While we frequently get submissions showing some of the most inventive and craziest uses for our pneumatics, fog machines, motors, and horror props, sometimes we see our stuff show up in different and unexpected places.

Most recently, our resident nerd-extraordinaire, Scott, found a pretty similar boar’s head prop being held by a miniature character – I think the name is “Butcher” from HorrorClix’s Nightmares series. Then again, I’m not a total geek (just a partial one) so I don’t exactly know how miniature figures are named.


(HorrorClix’s Butcher on the left, FrightProps’ boar’s head on the right)

That’s only the most recent example of us finding one of our latex props in a completely random place. A few years back, Scott was playing a video game called Dead Head Fred for the PSP and noticed a familiar looking dead rat in the video game.


The game, released in 2007, evidently found our realistic dead rat prop to be so inspiring that they felt the need to forever immortalize it in digital video game world.

We also get a lot of inquiries from small movie studios who are looking for horror props for their movies and for music videos. While we wish we were able to rent out some of our larger and crazier props, we’re not quite set-up for the movie business just yet. However, that doesn’t stop us from seeing our props in some wild videos, like in London rock-outfit Turbogeist’s music video for their song, “Alien Girl”.

Are you impressed yet? You need more to prove that we’re the best Halloween prop company on the planet? Then take a look at our tentacle prop in one of the greatest and most insane movies, Hobo With A Shotgun!

Well, hey – at least we’re impressed with ourselves. Have you put any of our props to good use outside of the haunted house industry? Leave us a comment with a link to it so we can share it across this whole big creepy internet thing.

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FrightProps Invades Midwest Haunters Convention!


The time has come again for us to unleash our unique brand of scares, fears, and frights upon our Midwest home! Come join four of your favorite FrightProps freaks on June 7th and 8th in Columbus, OH and check out our second biggest booth of all the conventions!

midwest haunters


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