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May Motor Mayhem! $5 Off All Prop Motors from FrightProps!


Every once and a while, the freaky fellows of your favorite haunted house supply company decide to give you a break. Maybe it’s something with the moon or the old rusty water pipes in our warehouse that are gradually poisoning us, but we’re feeling pretty generous lately for whatever reason. So we’re going to do something unheard of with our prop motors and motor kits – A SALE.



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How to Paint a Latex Prop or Mask: The FrightProps Method


Salutations, haunted house and horror enthusiasts of the world! Today on the FrightProps blog, we’ve got an update from our master Creative-brainy-dude, Scott! In this post, Scott goes through the step-by-step process of painting our Skinned Chimp prop using some of FrightProps’ latex paints. So strap on your brain-helmets and prepare your spongy brain for maximum absorption.

Take it away, Scott!


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Haunted Camp Horror Sleepaways Are A Thing Now. And it rules.

sleepaway camp

Camp is already a pretty scary place for most of us. Starting a campfire without burning your eyebrows off? Going to the bathroom in the woods? Yikes, man. I know there’s a lot of real nature-type boyscouts out there, but a lot of us feel pretty lost in the wild. But that’s what makes it an adventure, right?


And what about all those scary movies that use campgrounds as their settings? Friday the 13th, the Sleepaway Camp movies – and a ton more if you decide to count that whole evil cabin thing.


Thankfully, some people are paying attention to what’s truly horrifying the public and pushing it right back into our faces in the form of a haunt. While we know there’s a few more (let us know which ones!), we decided to punch-up a little thing on the relatively new phenomenon of camping haunts.


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$20 Halloween Prop Challenge! Win A $200 Gift Card From FrightProps!


halfway halloween

We here at FrightProps consider ourselves to be the finest haunted house supplier on the planet. Not to sound like one of them slick sales types, but one of the reasons that Halloween fans feel that way is that we work with haunters of all shapes and sizes. Want to deck out your kid’s stroller with some gross bone props and fake blood? Got it. In charge of an entire Halloween haunt at an amusement park? We’ve got you on that, too.


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