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Four Bizarre Music Videos for Haunted House Fans


So alright – if you haven’t been following the FrightProps Facebook or Twitter pages today, you’ve missed the latest and greatest news from the finest haunted house supplier on the planet. The latest news? Half of the staff has gone completely insane and is listening to nothing but “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal, stopping only for the rest of the Batman: Forever soundtrack a few times.

Needless to say, we’re all a little on edge here. It makes it a little difficult to count all these Halloween decorations and organize all of these pneumatic fittings. The power, the pleasure, the pain.


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Jason Freeny Is A Genius And You Will Love Him


Every once and a while, we come across some weird or bizarre piece of art that isn’t necessarily related to haunted house supplies or props, but is so strange we instantly know that it’s something our customers are going to dig. After all – seeing as how so many of our haunt themes borrow directly from other art mediums (specifically movies), we should always be keeping our eyes open on the work of fellow oddballs to keep our Halloween prop making skills extra smart and disgusting. So check this one out.


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More Stuff from Friends of FrightProps

Siamese Skeleton

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts about working here is connecting with our customers and seeing what sort of innovations bright-minded people are bringing to the table using our haunted house supplies. In the past, we featured a brilliant Ursula from the Little Mermaid costume made from our tentacle props, some promotional stuff for Kraken Rum from Miss Cakehead, and a low-rider ice cream cart from the talented people at Blackout Signs.

Recently we got a few more submissions that had us all nodding our heads in approval. We’d like to share them with you because we’re so kind and generous and giving. And because we like bragging about our people.


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5 LED Lighting Myths DEBUNKED!


68DHEF6YYVnxeau5KSz414gSatzYzGy_PPOrC3-RyikWhen it comes to LED lighting, a lot of people think getting as many lights for as cheap as possible is the best way to go.  But that’s about the same idea as buying fast food cheeseburgers as opposed to going to buying one at a good restaurant. Sure – they taste pretty good and they’ll get you by (especially if you’re on a budget), but you absolutely notice the difference when you step it up a bit.

It’s the same concept with higher-end LED fixtures. Products like our Nano Spots are an excellent and totally economic solution, but there’s a reason we also offer higher end products. Invest in the right thing from the start and you’ll end up saving yourself money.

To hammer this point home, we’ll take a look at some of the myths that keep people on the “the cheaper, the better” school of thought. (more…)

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Our New Handheld Air Horns

ghoul zombie

Greetings, boys and ghouls! This manic monday, we figured we’d take a moment out of your day to discuss something which is VERY EXCITING – to us, at least. But probably to a lot of you haunters as well!


Recently, we partnered with a company named after one of our favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs – Shot In The Dark Scare Tools!

We can all agree that having a good haunt means creating an immersive environment where your patrons/victims get lost in what’s going on. In order to do that, you undoubtedly have to take the time to properly decorate your halloween haunt. But decorations aren’t the end all of the process, are they? Everyone’s been inside of a haunt where the scenery and environments looked great, but for some reason the haunt was mysteriously lacking that feeling of urgent terror.


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Absinthe at the Zombie Bar


It’s Friday, suckers. That means we’re in weekend mode. Well, not quite yet, but the pizza still flows like wine. Particularly because our fabricators are drinking smoothies made out of pizza and coffee creamer. So maybe flowing like chunky pizza wine.

As we mentioned in a previous post, after we’re done making haunted house props and pushing around boxes of pneumatics and motors, we like to unwind at a weird little spot called Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. Recently, we dropped by for a small round of absinthe poured by a most dutiful and talented bartender. Zach. Or Zack. Or Zaqq. Or Xakqk, maybe.


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FrightProps Appearing at Five More Shows in 2014


Good news, everyone!

In order to ensnare the entire nation in our brand of fears and scares, we’ll be reaching our slimy tentacles out to new places we’ve never been before! We’re pleased to announce that FrightProps will now be appearing at additional shows around the country. While we always make sure to appear at the famous TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis and the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, we’re going to be at four additional shows this year! (more…)

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No Kill Werewolf Rescue

One of the most insane, silly, and deranged things we’ve heard in the haunted house community (and we’ve heard a lot), is a recent crowdfunding project started by a woman named Rana May.

A longtime rescue animal advocate, the Minneapolis resident has launched a GoFundMe campaign for a “No Kill Werewolf Rescue”.


If you haven’t already torn your wallet in half to get out your credit card, the rewards for funding this werewolf project are possibly even more amazing than the concept itself.



It seems in addition to receiving a handwritten “thank you” from an anonymous werewolf, Rana May has also taken to social media to personally thank some of the supporters.


Despite the fact that we here at FrightProps are certainly proud providers of all kinds of werewolf costumes and furry Halloween props, we are deeply supportive of this movement. Perhaps if we can adequately care for these misunderstood creatures of the night, we could work side by side in unit. Maybe even some day, we could have a FrightProps night crew comprised entirely of these deeply intelligent nocturnal beings.

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Our New Catalog with Halloween Props for 2014


Sometimes I think people get the wrong impression of who we are. Because of the amount of people we sell Halloween decorations to every year ranging from home haunters to huge theme parks, I wonder if people think that we’re some giant, faceless company. Like we’re in an oversized windowless warehouse with a bunch of dreary eyed, impoverished jerks who hate our lives and our jobs. (more…)

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