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Breaking News From FrightProps!

cat in battle armor

Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate the beginning of the work week, we have a very exciting Monday announcement for you! After much deliberation and consulting our official Halloween think-tank, FrightProps is revolutionizing the way we we do business!

You see, running a company that provides Halloween decorations, pneumatic props, fake blood, and all the nuts and bolts in between isn’t easy. And it especially isn’t easy to do without some sort of terms and conditions.


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TransWorld 2014 in St. Louis: A Wrap Up


We’ve had a big year here at FrightProps. In addition to creating and carrying a record number of new products, we’ve also expanded our team. While we’re still an independent and small (almost tiny) business where every employee has about ten different jobs in one, we’re kicking ass in a way we’ve never done before.


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Cash And Carry Booth at TransWorld


We’re counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until we leave for TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis next week! Not only are we bringing a few new members of the FrightProps team out to the show, we’ll also be doing something a little bit different – our very own “Cash & Carry” booth, separate from our usual booth showing the new Halloween props we have for 2014.


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Latest Cool Customer Creations


We’re still getting ready for the greatest event of the year – TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis! As we prepare to submerse ourselves amongst a plethora of freaks and animatronic props, we can’t help but wonder what everyone else is doing. While anyone who has ever browsed our site knows we supply all sorts of pneumatics, fittings, and electronics to people across the Halloween haunt industry, a lot of our customers aren’t just all about bloody skeletons and gory props.


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8 Reasons to Love TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions show



It’s no secret or surprise: FrightProps loves TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show. And we’re certainly not the only ones. For us, the show based out of St. Louis, MO gives us an opportunity to get out of the shop and into the world, feeling comfortable and confident. We are able to leave the haunted house prop shop of our dreams and enter reality without feeling slightly like outcasts. If you’re reading this, then you probably know the feeling and are counting down the days yourself.

In addition to the obvious things we love about the event, like selling Halloween products and going on a “work vacation”, we decided to put together a little blog post to explain to everyone just why we look forward to making the trek down from Minneapolis every single year.




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New Halloween Prop for 2014, Skinned Lab Chimp!





Who would do such a thing to such a noble creature? A mad scientist? Some barbaric beast?

One of our sickest props yet, the Skinned Lab Chimp will be available in Summer of 2014. While it’s not here just yet, we are accepting pre-orders here for this highly disturbing Halloween prop – the perfect touch for a laboratory or jungle haunt scene!

The Great Ape apeman

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FrightProps Now Proudly Carries Hot Wire Foam Factory Products



Look, I’m not about to dog on anyone that goes out and buys a ton of pre-made products for their haunted house or haunted yard. Heck, we proudly build and sell our own animatronic skeletons and other scary creatures every single day. But there’s something magical about rolling up the sleeves on your stained hooded sweatshirt and getting your hands covered in fake blood. As the punk community says: D.I.Y. or DIE!

But seriously folks – we know not everyone is too handy with a hammer or great at using pneumatic cylinders and we respect that. Still, we always try to encourage all of our customers to challenge themselves and learn something about making Halloween props. One of the best places to start is by carving haunted house scenery like gravestones and statues using foam. It’s a lot cheaper to mess up a thing of foam rather than to accidentally set fire to an animated werewolf prop.

burning garbage


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