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How to Properly Clean a Fog Machine

Foggers, just like any other device in your haunt, need to be taken care of in order to continue working properly. Luckily, as they’re fairly simple in design, they’re easy to maintain.

We always recommend using actual fog machine cleaner fluid from companies such as Froggy’s, but in the event that you’re in a real pinch, you CAN use distilled water and vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Do not use tap-water. You’re also going to want to set some sort of schedule up – every 90 hours of use is a decent and memorable timeframe to clean your machine. And yes, we are aware that “clean your machine” probably sounds like a euphemism for something else.

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.10.28 PM


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Five New Years Resolutions for Haunters

We survived Christmas – that means we’ve almost survived 2013. Even though it’s silly to think that the changing of the calendar means we’re released from all of the year’s troubles, we work at a company that makes haunted house stuff. We’re not exactly normal anyway.

Rather than make some sort of empty promise about losing weight, exercising, and volunteering at the zoo cleaning up dolphin waste, we’ve put together five New Year’s resolutions for haunters. Happy New Year!


5. Promise to Take Better Pictures



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Our Favorite Freaky Christmas Ornaments on Etsy

We’re a Halloween company so naturally, we have a tough time dealing with the cheerfulness of Christmas time. The urge to hide in the bathroom wearing a Jason mask with a rubber knife during our “normal” friends’ ugly Christmas sweater potlucks is too tempting for most of us. All hope is not lost, however, as this year we’ve seen more and more of Halloween fighting to invade Christmas.

While you’re not going to find a section of severed and diseased limbs to hang from the tree at Wal-Mart or Target, thankfully we have sites like Etsy where people are able to sell their demented wares to like-minded monsters.

We’ve put together a short collection of some of our favorite ornaments to fill your horrible Christmas tree this holiday season.


Dreadful Digs



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How to Make a DIY Water Mister

Today we’re going to give you a technical treat and explain how to create a Do-It-Yourself Water Mister. Water misters are great in haunted houses because…well, they shoot mist. Spitting snakes, bursting pipes – maybe get creative and aim one at the front of someone’s pants and set-up a photo booth to prove that your haunt makes everyone pee themselves.

the most exciting music for a tube shooting water, ever



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FrightProps Gets a Reality TV Show?

Well, almost.

Evidently the gruesome crew of FrightProps has been approached on more than one occasion to enter the world of reality TV. Back in 2012, our Creative Director, Scott Bibus was approached for a taxidermy reality show. When reached for comment, Scott went into incredible detail about the experience:


“Um, yeah, I think that was going to be a reality show about me being weird.”


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Kid With No Legs and One Arm Scares Harder Than ANYONE

Nick Santonastasso, a kid from New Jersey, was born without legs and with only one arm. Using his unique physical appearance, lately he’s been dressing up like a zombie and scaring the living hell out of people in places like Wal-Mart. As the kid is obviously a genius, he’s also been capturing the episodes on Vine for the delight of the entire world.

Check out the few clips below and watch in delight as he gets bopped on the head by a woman defending herself with a roll of gift wrap.


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Check Out Haunt Design Kit!

haunt design kit final vector_master

Tyler Barnett has recently introduced a strong ally to the world of haunted attraction planning. An experienced haunt designer himself, Tyler created and assembled these kits to help out professional and aspiring haunters alike. Using Google SketchUp (download it for free), you can now pre-plan and design your haunted attraction using popular scares and 3d objects found in most haunted houses from


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11 Holiday Haunts You Need to See This Christmas Season


It’s the time of year that spooks even the most die-hard haunter: the Holidays. The gleeful smiling faces of shoppers and blaring Mariah Carey Christmas songs are proof that the true scares in this world aren’t confined to just Halloween. Thankfully, a few dedicated haunt crews have decided that the season is just a little too cheerful and have constructed their own holiday horrors. While we found over 30 haunts across the U.S. that celebrate the holly-jolly days with fear and fright, we chose to feature eleven attractions (in no particular order) that really caught our attention.


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FrightProps Evil Tentacles Haunt Again!




While we assume that each and every last Halloween prop we send out is going towards something at least SORT OF cool, sometimes people use our products in some seriously stunning ways. These two images, using our famous tentacles and octopus props, come from 666 Photography, based in Austin, TX.


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Darklight’s Nano-Spot Wins PLASA Award

Darklight’s Quan Gan, outfitting a 25ft foot tall animatronic skeleton at Creepywoods with Darklight Products on an episode of “Making Monsters” on the Travel Channel.


Nano Spot is a versatile and inexpensive lighting solution created by our friends over at Darklight. It’s also a FrightProps exclusive! Products like the Nano Spot, Precision X (close range), Precision Y (mid-range), and Precision Z (high power spotlight) are used all over the haunt industry but are even being found in more mainstream areas like museums and art galleries.


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An Overview of Pneumatic Cylinders

While we’ve had a “Support and Training Center” section on the main FrightProps site for a while now, we’ve recently decided that blogging all of our stuff might be a more effective way to help people out. Today, we’re going to provide a quick overview of how pneumatic cylinders work so you can get a better understanding how some of your favorite Halloween props are made.


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FrightProps’ Revolutionary New Steel Rack Will Change the Way You Look at Haunted Houses

Okay, maybe not really — but we’re still impressed that the dreadlocked duo of Grant and Max managed to fabricate a steel rack in just a few days. As our relocation from Tampa, FL was done in a limited amount of time, we were forced to contend with steel beams laying on the floor in the back of the warehouse. And god forbid you ever had to extract one from the mess: you’d get your foot caught and take a fall about half of the time.

imagethe cursed metal floor of doom


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This Guy Built a Dark Haunt Ride In His Garage

image taken from

Mystic Motel was built in the desert in 1955 until it was abandoned sometime in the 70’s. They say the spot of leisure was a host to nefarious activities, but most frightening of all was the motel’s basement — a claustrophobia inducing space that allows you to peek into the disturbed motel itself.

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