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12 Weird Things to be Thankful For

Everyone at FrightProps is in a total turkey coma except for me, The Blogmaster. While I could use this time alone as a way to eat all of the lunchmeat or rig up traps for my co-workers (our fabricator wired up a psycho blaster air horn prop to murder my ears after leaving the bathroom), I’ve decided to compile a small collection of weird things for the most overlooked holiday in horror – THANKSGIVING.

Enjoy this small but freakish collection of bizarre Turkey and Thanksgiving themed photos and videos.


12. These Turkeys With Different Heads

twerking-miley-cyrus-turkey (more…)

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Three More Excellent Home Haunts from 2013

For whatever reason, we missed a few excellent home haunts when we put together our last post. Check out the haunts that would’ve made our list of five amazing home haunts into a list of eight!



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Five Home Haunts from 2013 Will Blow Your Mind

Car chases, explosions, crazy effects – let’s face it, we all love a good Hollywood blockbuster. Despite our widespread fandom, everyone still recognizes the importance of independent films that captivate and inspire us in ways that the mainstream moneymakers aren’t able to.

Halloween haunts fall under the same rule. We adore our giant animatronics, large casts of characters, expansive mazes, and decked-out warehouses, but almost more impressive are the smaller operations that manage to stick with you as you gaze to the skies, dreaming about what they’d come up with if they had the same spending power as the big leagues.

Unfortunately, we may never know. Regardless, us goofballs here at FrightProps decided to put together a short list of home and yard haunts in 2013 that manage to put some of the professionals to shame.



Scabtree2 Scabtree
Images from Hellizondo Haunt


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Zombie Christmas Ornaments

I came across these today – perfect for the lonely haunter or the entire freakish family. Zombie Christmas Ornaments!


With any luck, we can drag this whole Halloween monstrosity out far enough to where it totally overlaps with Christmas. We’re already seeing the horror genre take over Thanksgiving with movies like “ThanksKilling” and Eli Roth’s upcoming flick, simply titled “Thanksgiving”.

Check out the rest of the ornaments from NeatoShop right at this here link, folks.

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Ursula From The Little Mermaid Costume Using Our Tentacle Props


What would you say if I told you that there was a thin dude in there? (more…)

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Seven of Your New Favorite Evil Sweaters

Believe it or not, the people working at a company that specializes in haunted house props aren’t exactly known as a stylish bunch. Our CEO, Doug, usually wears a simple t-shirt and jeans while our fabricator, Max,  wears hunting pants and whatever death metal/grindcore shirt he found on the ground last weekend. And although we’re proud of our Creative Director, Scott, and his growing collection of horror movie shirts from Fright Rags, we’re lucky we’re not being paid to look cool.

Enter the emerging world of Halloween sweaters – the only festive garment you’re likely to see our kind tastelessly wearing around the Thanksgiving dinner table. And although we’re not still won over just yet, we decided these were at least cool enough to share with our friends.




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