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New FrightProps T-Shirts Available Now!

Check out these hot new threads!  Custom made by moshing demons in Hell…or something.  Limited quantities, so get them while they last and let everyone know you have excellent taste in online Halloween retailers!


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Welcome to the FrightProps Blog!

Welcome FrightFans!  I’m your host, Weird Beard, and I’m here to welcome you to the brand new, recently exhumed from a freshly-dug grave, FrightProps Weblog!

We’re going to be updating this space with all kinds of exciting FrightProps content!  New Product Highlights, Do-It-Yourself Tutorials, Tips and Tricks (or Treats), Behind the Scenes Bonus Content and whatever else our demented brains belch forth on any given day!

Hopefully this will also be a fun place to meet fellow FrightFans and revel in the one thing we all love…Halloween!

I look forward to hanging out here, posting more content and getting to know all you ghoulish goons!

–Weird Beard


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