20% Off All Masks! SIX DAYS ONLY!

You smile at your annoying co-workers as they pass by your desk. You say “thank you” to the check-out clerk that ignored you when you asked them how their day was. You nod your head and tell everyone your day is “fine” after locking your keys in your car.

Truly, aren’t we all wearing a mask of sorts? Like, a metaphysical one, man.


Nah. Not really. After all, we’re a Halloween store. Masks to us mean vampires, zombies, and crazy mutant rednecks. Heck, a couple holes in a white sheet is a mask as far as we’re concerned. Luckily for you, we’re not a fabric store. We don’t sell sheets. We sell masks – and we’re offering a heck of a deal on them, too. You see, our mask prices are already marked down, but from February 13th to February 16th, we’re going to give you an opportunity for record-smashing savings.


Simply search or go to our Masks Pages (three pages!) , add the terrifying creations of your choosing to your cart and when you’re ready to check-out, punch in the code, “mask20” to receive a 20% discount off the already marked down price.

So become your own animated zombie or pneumatic halloween prop. Use the electric motor known as “your heart” to power the scariest, most customizable animatronic haunted house fiend – YOURSELF! Now put on a mask, get out there, and make some macho dudes pee their pants in front of their friends.


Our fabricator, Max, modeling our scariest mask

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