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We here at FrightProps consider ourselves to be the finest haunted house supplier on the planet. Not to sound like one of them slick sales types, but one of the reasons that Halloween fans feel that way is that we work with haunters of all shapes and sizes. Want to deck out your kid’s stroller with some gross bone props and fake blood? Got it. In charge of an entire Halloween haunt at an amusement park? We’ve got you on that, too.

The thing we all have in common is our dedication to this whole Halloween thing. It’s not just a day of the year for us – it’s months of crisp air, changing leaves, and pumpkin pie that we’ve been waiting around for as we’re forced to watch people grinning and hanging up Christmas decorations. We’re the people that breathe this spooky stuff every day – the ones that go around and stick skull stickers on their bike helmets and zombie family decals on the back of their cars.

zombies scary truck grill

To celebrate this DIY spirit, we’ve teamed up with HauntForum for their brilliant $20 prop-making contest. The contest encourages creativity and thinking outside of the coffin – outside of the store bought stuff. Basically, you take nothing and turn it into an amazing Halloween prop. Look at just a few of the seriously awesome winners from prior years:

tablebot 3489804717_d9b5d750b2 Mr. Hemlock Denchskulllamps012BUSTERGRAVESLEYDAY3

(Clockwise: “Dr. Phineas P. Phronk” by Dubbax, “Bomoh the Shaman” by Devil’s Chariot, “Mr. Hemlock Dench” by Deadspider, “Buster Gravesly” by Stolloween, “Skull Stack Lights” by Dave the Dead)

So head to HauntForum and check out the rules. Then get into it. If you win, you’ll get a $200 Gift Certificate from FrightProps. And if you lose, you still get to be proud of yourself for caring about the coolest holiday on the entire planet.

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