12 Weird Things to be Thankful For

Everyone at FrightProps is in a total turkey coma except for me, The Blogmaster. While I could use this time alone as a way to eat all of the lunchmeat or rig up traps for my co-workers (our fabricator wired up a psycho blaster air horn prop to murder my ears after leaving the bathroom), I’ve decided to compile a small collection of weird things for the most overlooked holiday in horror – THANKSGIVING.

Enjoy this small but freakish collection of bizarre Turkey and Thanksgiving themed photos and videos.


12. These Turkeys With Different Heads



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11. This Insane  Tofu Turkey




10. The Addams Family interpretation of Thanksgiving

“For all these reasons, I’ve decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground.”


9. This Guy Delivering a Religious Speech in Front of a Noose

Happy Thanksgiving, You’re Doomed!


8. Thanksgiving in Vietnam, 1970

“When I hit that old bird and threw him under the basket, he was floppin’ like a wild indian. But hey, that’s whatcha’ gotta do when you’re in Vietnam. He was a tough old bird. We didn’t have a stove to cook him in, either. To be truthful, we had a box that we had purchased from downtown that had a gas burner inside, but there were no controls for the temperature or anything.”



7. Evil Children’s Thanksgiving

The most controversial video on the internet with three views (as of this posting).


6. This Turkey Costume We Sell

Dress shoes not included.



5. Weird Al’s Take on Thanksgiving

Fun Fact: Weird Al is a vegetarian.

4. Weird Paul’s Take on Thanksgiving

What’s so odd about this guy is that I actually found another one of his videos on the internet when I was doing research on The Go-Go’s. It’s a parody called “We Got the Meat”.

3. This Amazing Illustration




2. Morty the Turkey Vulture Halloween Costume

Alright – we’re impressed.


1. Blood Freak – The Movie About a Turkey-Man Who Kills Drug Addicts


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