11 Of the Most Ridiculous Homemade Halloween Costumes

beer transformer As you know, we’re FrightProps – a company based out of Minneapolis that prides itself on being a Halloween superstore with a heart of gold. And slime. So whether you’re looking for pneumatics to make Halloween props, latex paints for set and scenery design, or our some loud startling effect-makers like our Flash! crackers, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and we also have about a billion trillion kazillion Halloween costumes. cc20118_2 But let’s be real for a second – we know you’re no dummy. Despite the fact that we do carry so many different Halloween costumes and accessories, we simply don’t have everything on the planet you need to create and customize your dream costume. After all, if you’ve found this blog, you’ve probably got a pretty creative spirit. So to pay tribute to the twisted minds out there pushing the boundaries of sanity, we’re giving you a list of 8 of the funniest, strangest, and flat out most ridiculous homemade Halloween costumes. For more disturbing costumes and other spookiness, check us out on Pinterest!

11. Creepy Michelin Man Martian Costume


All I can tell is that this picture is very old and that the person on the right is very much wearing sandals. Perhaps they are wearing a number of giant cheese wheels.

10. Evil Frost Creature


So many unanswered questions about this picture from the Kawasaki Halloween Parade in Japan. What is it, and how long did it take before those spooky nails came off? Are those just giant dried chili peppers or what? Either way, I know we don’t carry this costume unfortunately.

9. Insane Fish Bowl Guy

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When we saw this costume, we immediately asked, “why didn’t we think of that?” We also immediately answered ourselves with, “oh yeah, because we’re not completely out of our minds.” Although, I think some of our pneumatic fittings might work for the mouthpiece if anyone is curious to take a crack at it.

8. The Most Devoted Vegan Ever


You’ve gotta admit, the six pack made out of apples is a nice touch and really sells the costume, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder if he was inspired or repulsed by the Meat Man costume by Creature Corps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVHMds_L4ak

7. The Manbaby


Proof that if you ever have a lot of something, you should just glue it to a body-suit and roll with it for a Halloween costume. While this man chose baby dolls, it could work with a lot of different things – beanie babies, Cookie Crisp cereal, fake cockroaches, chicken wings….pennies? Hell, try ’em all out maybe.

 6. The Bloody Mutated Squid

Squid Man

This bumpy bloody squid creature marched through the city of Manilla, Philippines, proudly freaking out children and their families for a Halloween festival. Evidently Halloween is a big thing out there and serves as a tribute to departed family members. Some sources state that there are even parties held in cemeteries with family, music, and games.

5. Spoon Man


This particularly startling image comes from a book called Haunted Air by Ossian Brown. In the book, the author compiles creepy Halloween photos from the years 1875 to 1955. While we chose the Spoon Man image because of it’s brow-raising cuddle-begging statement across the chest (and the Soundgarden reference), there are a bunch of other really messed up looking vintage Halloween costumes.

4. Bert


No explanation needed. Proof that sometimes the most simple homemade costumes can be the greatest.

3. Watermelon Face

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 1.02.25 PM

There’s an ongoing debate in the FrightProps office on whether or not this image is even real. The make-up is so fleshy and intense! The eyes – so dead and…seedy!

 2. This Homer Simpson


Honestly, almost any Simpsons Halloween costume we’ve seen looks completely nuts. However, the ping-pong ball eyes and pipe-cleaner hair of this mutated Homer Simpson costume is one of those things you just kinda get lost as you stare at.

1. The Grim McReaper


Take the face of a Chinese dragon with a the hair of Ronald McDonald and mix it with some kind of satin gothic swamp god and what do you get? Who cares. But it’s awesome.

Got a demented costume of your own that you’re pretty proud of? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, using a carrier pigeon or taping a note to a remote controlled hovercraft. Get at us.

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