FrightProps Gift Cards Holiday Special!


Seasons CREEPINGS from the evil elves of FrightProps! It’s not Halloween, but we’re still hard at work¬†painting Santa’s sleigh with slime and¬†building our own terrifying snowmen!

But it’s not all scares and horrors around here – in fact, we’ve been possessed by the giving spirits ourselves! We’re offering you a killer gift on our gift cards from now until December 26th!

Buy a $50 gift card, get a FREE $5 card!

Buy a $100 gift card, get a FREE $10 card!

Buy a $250 gift card, get a FREE $25 card!

Buy a $500 gift card, get a FREE $50 card!

Buy a $1000 gift card, get a FREE $100 card!

It’s easy, too – whether¬†you decide to receive a¬†gift card in the mail¬†or get¬†an online¬†certificate, we’ll¬†send¬†your extra gift¬†right to your Email.¬†Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll get your gift as soon as inhumanly¬†possible!

One tiny thing: you can only do one gift card per order Рbut if you want to do another gift card for another free gift, just finish checking out and start a new order!

This Holiday season, give ‘em something gruesome to smile about – and give yourself a little treat, too!

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